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Hi everyone, nice to be able to post something instead of just looking. 

I'm on here because of a friend who has a tractor (funnily enough) and he is not internet savvy. He is very much an 'old school' kind of guy. He has a couple of steam engines - a 6ton Foden Steam Waggon and an Aveling & Porter steam roller.

There is also an issue of a tractor! Unfortunately we are struggling to identify the model and I have asked him to try and identify the location of any kind of serial number.

So, pictures are important. Here you go:


We are in dire need of an intact manifold too, so if anyone has one for sale or knows where one can be obtained that would be hugely helpful as it is the last piece of the jigsaw so to speak.  


Hope you all like the pictures and if you know anything about the tractor then please don't be shy.

Many thanks indeed.


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Any thoughts on what model that might be then? After looking at the manifold, would anyone be able to suggest a suitable carb, as that went missing, well actually it was stolen.



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Hi Ken,  Stewart says it looks like a Farmall Regular or an F model.

With the fan belt being flat and the fuel tank, looks like a Regular or an F model.


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