International Farmall Tractors

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                                          IH HALL OF FAME


                                    The Garrett                                          



              Rodney Miller, Jann Carl & Stewart Paquette




                       YOU TELL THEM RAY!  Frying Pan Toss Event








 Yes International made the M-1 Garand Rifles. 

"The best battle implement ever devised." This oft-repeated praise from Gen. George S. Patton summed up his feelings about the "U.S. Rifle, Cal. 30, M1."  Popularly known as the "Garand" after its inventor, Springfield Armory employee John C. Garand, the M1 garnered a well-deserved reputation  as the finest general-issue military rifle of World War II.   ....The United States was the only nation to arm its military primarily with a semi-automatic service rifle.  When World War II ended in 1945, the M1 Garand was firmly entrenched as America's standard service rifle.



                                    9th ANNUAL SHOW

                                                                               Keith Allynn's Neil Diamond Tribute was a highlight.              Sold out crowd opening night of the show!                                                                                                                    (shown with Stewart)  

         Running of the Red parade to Leesburg